There is an inextricable link between the 3 headline topics when addressing the employability opportunities for young people in modern day Scotland.

Recent legislation and a rise in on-line hate crime, some of which is around the topic of Sectarianism, mean that possible prosecution for online offensive behaviour significantly reduces employability opportunities. Indeed, online behaviour which an employer would deem offensive can also lead to the same result.

High levels of youth unemployment have led to greater competition for jobs in the current market place and student places at colleges and universities.

Increasingly Employers and Further Education establishments are monitoring the social media activity of both potential candidates and current employees and students.

To better prepare our young people this series of workshops look to inform the participants about potential Prejudice & Discrimination while also examining the history of sectarianism in Scotland in relation to employment and to explain the impact and purpose of recent legislation.

Using real life examples and related activities the purpose of this lesson pack is to explain the links between Employability, Social Media and Sectarianism in the current context.

The related experiences and outcomes for the Curriculum for Excellence are detailed at the end of this document.

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