By Matt at Gie's Peace

The Gie’s Peace project is and Anti-sectarian initiative, housed within Trust Volunteering Inverclyde, part of Inverclyde Community Development Trust (The Trust for short). The Voluntary Action Fund was commissioned by the community Safety Unit of Scottish Government to support the development of projects like this to take a community-led approach to tackling Sectarianism.

The project aims to engage a colourful spectrum of individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations to explore the issue of sectarianism and take a creative approach to exploring the issue in Inverclyde .

My name is Matt, and I am the creative assistant on the ‘Gie’s Peace’project and I am blogging to tell you a little about our aims and what we have been up too over our active time here in the Trust Volunteering organisation.

 Firstly, I thought I’d start off by letting you know a little about myself, and how I relate to the issue of sectarianism in Greenock. I, personally, haven’t been subject to any real sectarianism, in my life. Before joining the team, I didn’t see it as a big problem, but from my weeks here I ‘ve learned that there is a lot more to sectarianism, than what I had originally seen. It’s a problem that get’s over looked a lot and I feel needs to be brought to light  quick before it gets out of hand, not that it isn’t already in some cases.

 Now, a little about what we’ve been up to recently. We have been working on a radio play, with some of our Volunteers and Inverclyde Radio, which is set both in the 1940′s, and in the present, to reflect on what has changed, and what has stayed the same over the years towards sectarian attitudes. We have also, just recently, finished off our May showcase which was a great success, and brought in some new volunteers to our project. The last few weeks, we have been working along side the Chapleton Youth Group, to throw together a stage and film piece on sectarian violence in relationships. This is in it’s early stages, but seems really promising, as the group seem keen to learn more and more about the subject.

At the end of my time here, I hope to have a clearer understanding of what sectarianism actually is and be able to help others understand the trouble it causes. I also would like to pick up some skills along the way, to help me in future life.

So far, being that this the start of my 6th week here, I have learned but a little of what the project aims to do. I am learning more and more each day, which is a great feeling and makes me look forward to each day as a new learning experience. I’ve met only a handful of the volunteers that work along side our project to bring the community the realisation, that sectarianism doesn’t need to be a problem.

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