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A song about sectarianism written by the young people at Tollcross YMCA


Tollcross YMCA delivered in partnership with the 134th Glasgow battalion Boys Brigade a 12 week music programme called “More Than Just A Song” where young people explore the issue of sectarian songs that are sung on football terraces, public marches and on social media sites and how these are passed down to young people generationally with many of the young people singing these songs with little understanding on the negative impact this has on them as young people and on their community.

Along the way ..........

The participants where involved in 6 workshops 1 per week, exploring their own attitudes and perceptions towards the rivalry and the division between supporting one football team over another, the religious division, Scottish culture’s unique relationship to sectarian issues and two workshops focusing on the political songs, chants and flute tunes. The last two workshops explore how and why these songs sung by young people in their community, on the football terraces and in public marches reach beyond their intended audiences and negatively shape 21st century Glasgow culture.

In the end ............

The impact made by funding the “More than just a song” project has allow Tollcross YMCA the opportunity to purposefully approach for the first time dealing with the issues of sectarianism experienced at our youth club nights.  Funding this project has enables our young people and youth work staff to learn together and understand each other better regarding the negative impact of these sectarian incidents that occur during club activity thus reducing the amount of incidences occurring.

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