Young People

Learn more about the problems and we face and how we can work together to help tackle sectarianism

Sometimes you may need help dealing with sectarianism at work or at home. It could be you affected by it, a friend or a member of your family. In this section we can tell you where you can get help and advice.

What's Tweeting

I SEE! Scotland is an interactive 16-hour programme delivered to Scottish communities in schools, colleges, community centres, and business contexts.

The programme is designed for use with a wide age range across the socio-economic spectrum, depending on facilitators to know their context and tailor their delivery accordingly.

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When you are attacked or insulted because of your religion, it is a crime. Whether the crime is reported to the police or not, you might feel upset, frightened or confused by what has happened. It’s normal to feel like that.

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Where a hate crime or sectarian incident occurs, it is essential that any victim, witness or other party has the confidence to report the matter.

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Watch our Talking Heads - a collection of video interviews real people, expressing their real views.