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Over the past year, Stand Up to Sectarianism committed itself to promoting young people's approaches to tackling sectarianism in modern Scotland.  There have been as many different ways of addressing sectarianism in the community as there has been those who have acted against sectarianism. A project or an event has helped a group or an individual to find their own way of preventing sectarian activity or reacting to sectarianism as they come across it. 

Stand Up has harnessed some of this commitment by bringing together groups of young people from across Scotland that have developed resources in their own community. This network of young people has developed ways of getting their voices heard. Addressing the issue of sectarianism can bring up a number of reactions, so Stand Up teamed up with Media Education to create short films that open doors to difficult conversations in the community. The films can be used as conversation starters for policy makers, Community Planning Partnerships and community leaders. 

On Saturday 24 March 2018, Stand Up will show these films in partnership with Leith Community Cinema and Media Education. Attendance will need to be registered through Eventbrite which will be launched next week.

Event information:

Stand Up in Partnership with Leith Community Cinema and Media Education invite you to a free screening of:

Stand Up to Sectarianism's Short Films: Celebrating Young People's contribution to tackling sectarianism in modern Scotland

Sectarianism continues to be a thorny issue for many communities in Scotland. Over the past year, young people from across Scotland have searched for ways to initiate difficult conversations around sectarianism and discrimination. We will show 4 short films created by young people which challenge assumptions and loyalties in order to encourage new ways of thinking when addressing difficult issues in the community.

- When? Saturday 24 March 2018

- Time? 11am to 1pm

- Where? Pilrig St Pauls Church, 1B Pilrig St, Edinburgh EH6 5AH

Tea and Coffee and light refreshments will be available

For more information contact Peter Johnson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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