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What is Action on Sectarianism?

YouthLink Scotland, the National Agency for Youth Work has set up the first independent public website designed to challenge sectarianism in Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government.

Accessible on computers, tablets and mobile phones, this website will act as a central gateway to information and resources tackle sectarianism in Scotland by providing tailored user access to four distinct target groups:

Children and Young people

Adults: parents, carers, community groups

AoS Network: teachers, youth workers, academics, policy officers, community activists

Sense over Sectarianism have offered annual teacher CPD sessions over a

number of years which has helped to support and enhance the widespread delivery of the Divided City Novel Study in Primary Schools and Scarfed for Life in Secondary schools.

This academic year however, the number of CPD sessions available has been increased and the delivery of these sessions have been regionalised. Glasgow City Council is managed in three specific geographic areas, the North east, North West and South areas.

To recognise this and to offer more opportunities to attend SOS have organised the delivery of a session in each of these local areas which has allowed teaching staff to attend the training in a more convenient location by attending a workshop either close to the school they work in or close to where they live.

As a result the take up of places in these session has increased and more teaching staff have signed up and attended SOS CPD sessions. This can only be seen as a positive response as SOS look to further support the Glasgow CC teaching staff in the delivery of the Tackling Sectarianism teaching resources.

For more information about these CPD sessions or the teaching resources available please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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