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What is Action on Sectarianism?

YouthLink Scotland, the National Agency for Youth Work has set up the first independent public website designed to challenge sectarianism in Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government.

Accessible on computers, tablets and mobile phones, this website will act as a central gateway to information and resources tackle sectarianism in Scotland by providing tailored user access to four distinct target groups:

Children and Young people

Adults: parents, carers, community groups

AoS Network: teachers, youth workers, academics, policy officers, community activists

The theme of Scottish Interfaith Week – "Creativity and the Arts" – gave a wonderful opportunity

for faith communities to explore their own cultural traditions alongside those of other communities. SCoJeC was delighted to join with Al Masaar, a Muslim organisation whose name means "the Path to Progression", to put on a unique event called Hand in hand: Paper-cutting from Jewish and Muslim traditions. Al Masaar promote positive community relations, supporting vulnerable, isolated, and disadvantaged families, as well as working with the wider community to break down barriers with education and new experiences.

The event was the brainchild of SCoJeC's Projects and Outreach Manager, Fiona Frank. She said: "I met Abi and Maryam a few years ago, and ever since I've had the idea of bringing them together for an event like this. Our partnership with Al Masaar, and the funding from the Inter-Faith Youth Trust to bring a group of Jewish Guides from Glasgow, made the day work perfectly, and Abi and Maryam's complementary approaches to the same art form meant that everyone was able to participate, and everyone learned something."

As one of the participants said, "This was such an amazing idea for an interfaith event. I rarely ever have the opportunity to learn about all the different cultures that are around me. This really proves that there is so much beauty in all these ancient traditions, and the love of art is shared across the continents."

Many people agreed that "more events like this – interfaith, cultural and fun – would be very welcome", and SCoJeC certainly hopes to repeat the experience – after all, traditional paper-cutting, we now know for sure, works!

For more information see or contact Ephraim Borowski. 

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