Thursday, April 20th 2017

Preventing sectarianism in Scotland.

Projects that challenge sectarian behaviour will share £500,000 funding, the Community Safety Minister Annabelle Ewing has announced.

To mark the announcement of further funding to tackle sectarianism, Ms Ewing met with Action on Sectarianism (AoS) competition winner, 14 year old Jamie Boothman, whose prize winning poem illustrates the ambition of a Scotland without sectarianism.

The 11 successful projects have a strong educational focus, work directly with young people and adults and will deliver projects directly tied to the recommendations of Dr Duncan Morrow’s review of the Independent Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland.

Ms Ewing said: “Over six years the Scottish Government has invested just under £13 million into tackling sectarianism. Dr Duncan Morrow, in his recent review of tackling sectarianism in Scotland, pointed to the significant impact that projects with a strong educational focus can have on changing behaviour.

“The review was also clear that sectarianism needs to be tackled with the same conviction and confidence as racism or homophobia if we are to eradicate it. The projects we are funding will drive that forward in communities across the country.

“I am delighted to be able to present Jamie Boothman with the Youthlink Scotland Action on Sectarianism award for his work to unite people where others see division. Changing people’s attitudes is at the heart of turning the tide against hatred in all its forms and people like Jamie and other young people working with the projects are key to ensuring there is no place for sectarianism in a vibrant, modern Scotland.”

Sarah Robinson Galloway, Digital Development and Participation Officer with the AoS website welcomed the new funding and said:

“A vision of Scotland without hate or prejudice, this is what we are all striving for. Jamie’s poem sums up our hope for the future and the crucial part young people will play in ending the damaging generational legacy of sectarianism. We are delighted to see the government’s continued focus on anti-sectarian work with young people, they are at the heart of our communities and will be the agents of change for our nation.”

Jamie Boothman added:

“I entered the competition because I feel that sectarianism does not get enough attention and should be opposed so that Scotland can have a brighter future rather than promoting prejudice between groups. It felt great winning as it feels as if my work has made a difference no matter how small.”

Watch Jamie recite his poem here:


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