Tuesday, November 27th 2018

November 2018 – Lanark Grammar School

The Sense over Sectarianism team have been delivering in partnership with Lanark Grammar in South Lanarkshire across October and November this year as part of a new initiative.

Newly appointed RME teacher Lauren Logan had previously worked with SOS in her previous post at Woodfarm High School in East Renfrewshire. She said “I saw the value and impact of the work at first hand in my previous post and was really keen to get it added to the curriculum in my new school”.

As part of the initiative the young people who are part of the integrated ASN unit at Lanark also took part in lessons. The flexibility of the Scarfed for Life resource meant that that all of the young people could read the text and participate in the lessons at their own pace and level.

Working together to team teach the resource pack every Monday helped the school staff to deliver the resource right across the S2 year group over 5 weeks of lessons. Meaning that every mainstream and ASN pupil took part in the project.

To round off the initiative some of the young people will have the chance to meet Scarfed for Life author Martin Travers as he visits school for a Question & Answer session.

For more information about this resource or any other SOS resources please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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