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What is Action on Sectarianism?

YouthLink Scotland, the National Agency for Youth Work has set up the first independent public website designed to challenge sectarianism in Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government.

Accessible on computers, tablets and mobile phones, this website will act as a central gateway to information and resources tackle sectarianism in Scotland by providing tailored user access to four distinct target groups:

Children and Young people

Adults: parents, carers, community groups

AoS Network: teachers, youth workers, academics, policy officers, community activists

Our Bridges & Barriers 2018-2019 project has had some important developments in the last couple of months! We have created new links with North Ayrshire via Leanne Hillan-Fowler a former Active Schools Coordinator (ASC) in NE Glasgow who has moved closer to home and is now an Active Schools Manager in North Ayrshire.

We met with five of Leanne's ASC's in North Ayrshire as well as the SFA & KA Leisure Football Development Officer Craig Hamilton where we spoke about the workshops and the project. They are keen to get involved so watch this space! There is also interest from East Renfrewshire Active Schools and SFA especially in the Barrhead area.

We hope to have one council outwith Glasgow signed up. In addition, ASC Emma McIntyre added our booking sheet as a live document on GLOW which has worked well with bookings from ASC flooding in!

Sense Over Sectarianism have joined forces with us once more to provide funding for our new World Cup Football Summer Camp at Garscube Sports Complex! Players have been learning awareness of various topics around themes that are delivered by SOS and their Communities United programme. 

We have made an important link with Holyrood High School in Govanhill thanks to their Head of PE and Mark Adams from SOS. This link will see us teach their S6's how to deliver our after school Bridges & Barriers workshop model to their former primary schools. This will add valuable experience for their CV's and positive sustainable community partnerships.

NKSDG have recently recruited new coach Conor Mitchell to help deliver the 2018-2019 project. Conor brings a lot of experience and knowledge of the topic and Glasgow in general to the project and we look forward to him helping us expand our work even further.

For more information contact Andrew Westcott Project Officer at Bridges and Barriers: 0141 946 0603 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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