Sacro Month of Action January 2019                                                          

In January we will be focussing Sacro and promoting their work around Anti-Sectarianism in Equalities.


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STOP (Anti-sectarianism / hate crime services)

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STOP is a Scottish Government-funded service which tackles sectarian and all other hate crime offending. The service is available to anyone aged 12 and over who has been charged with a first time and/or a low to moderate level sectarian or hate crime offence. The service uses a programme which has been designed to educate and rehabilitate offenders to ensure positive, achievable and sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviours. The programme can be delivered on a one-one basis or to groups.

STOP is currently available in North & South Lanarkshire and Glasgow with potential to expand to neighbouring localities.

STOP also provides one-day awareness raising group work in prisons and young offender’s institutes to prevent further hate crimes being committed.

Participation in the programme is voluntary and criminal charges are still subject to the criminal justice process.

In Scotland the law recognises hate crimes as charges based on:

  • Race

  • Religion

  • Sexual orientation

  • Transgender identity

  • Disability.

    What will happen if I take part in this service?

    Referrals can be made to the service by the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal (COPF), local social work team, school or any other agency. You can also contact us to make a self-referral.

    Staff from the STOP service will contact the referrer to arrange an initial appointment where we will discuss the service in detail and ask questions to help us determine which of two programmes will be most suitable.

    Staff will meet with you regularly to help you complete the programme. This is usually done over six to eight weeks although additional time can be allocated where necessary.

    When you have successfully completed the programme, you will be provided with written confirmation. This is proof that you have taken action to amend your attitudes and behaviours. A report will also be issued to the agency that made the initial referral on your behalf.

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    For information and/or support, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01698 337206 / 337208

 STOP Case Study

A post prosecution referral was received from Social Work for Jack a 29 year old male from Glasgow. He had 6 previous convictions (2 relating to football/Sectarianism). The latest conviction (for which the referral was made to STOP) was also Sectarianism. Jack was ordered by the court to engage with Social Work Programmes, including assistance with his alcohol consumption and to complete 150 hours CPO.  Jack was assessed as requiring the STOP 6 Module programme.  During the assessment process Jack stated that despite alcohol being a presenting factor in all of his offending he does not view alcohol as a problem, he stated that he is a heavy social drinker who uses drugs occasionally.

Jack attended for his first module under the influence of alcohol. His Social Worker challenged this and Jack apologised. The session went ahead and it was stressed those future sessions would not take place unless he was alcohol free.

Jack’s approach to the programme started off very light hearted and became increasingly more serious as we progressed: exploring laws,  rights, responsibility, risks, consequential thinking, as well as looking at the impact and ripple effects of the abuse/offending. Discussions around Sectarian language/lyrics were also taken very seriously. Jack successfully completed the 6 module programme within 10 weeks. Jack reported positive changes in Mental Health and Wellbeing, Parenting and Caring, Positive Use of Time, Managing Strong Feelings and Commitment to living a Crime Free Life.

During the programme delivery Jack informed STOP staff that he had a cocaine habit and that was using in excess of £300 a fortnight. He has lost several days’ work due to this and was struggling. He acknowledged that his cocaine is linked with his alcohol consumption (only takes cocaine when drinking). He was in debt to his drug dealer of £1000 and had unpaid fines court fines. Jack identified that he was at risk of losing his job, finances were a worry and if his ex- girlfriend finds out she could stop access to his children. STOP staff supported Jack to explore the cycle of alcohol and cocaine abuse and supported him to inform his Social Worker about his addiction issues.

When Jack’s Commitment to Action Plan was reviewed he stated that he had reduced his alcohol intake and had not used cocaine in the previous few weeks. Jack had paid £400 towards his fines and £500 towards his drug debts.  This had helped decrease his anxiety levels and he felt that his physical health had also improved.

Jack was provided with a letter from STOP confirming that he had successfully completed the programme to provide at court. Jack had attended the STOP sessions but was breaching his CPO due to nonattendance. Jack appeared at court and was given an extension to allow him to complete his CPO. Jack claimed that he was informed by the sheriff that the only reason he was spared jail was due to the successful completion of the STOP programme.

Jack stated that he would commence assistance with his alcohol consumption as authorised by the court. Assistance with Jack’s alcohol issues was due to commence after our involvement ceased.

sacro stop


‘NEW AREA ALERT!!! STOP are now covering East Dunbartonshire!!

Many thanks to East Dunbartonshire Council Criminal Justice Social Work for inviting STOP (Sacro Tackling Offending Prejudices) to deliver a presentation last week on our very unique Hate Crime Service.

Our programmes are bespoke and can assist with positive changes in attitude and behaviour for individuals.

STOP are looking forward to a close working relationship with East Dunbartonshire and have accepted their 1st referral’

stop consultation poster

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