Monday, July 29th 2019

'Everyone Anyone'

'Everyone Anyone' campaign which aims to unite people from all backgrounds, cultures and communities.

This initiative will promote Rangers as a modern football club through which fans can come together and support a common cause – equality for everyone. In collaboration with the Rangers Charity Foundation, the club will champion diversity, encourage tolerance and understanding, and promote positive behaviour as part of this ambitious new strategy. Supported by the club’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, Rangers will develop new, and enhance existing, initiatives via a comprehensive diversity and equality strategy.

As part of the initiative fans barred for taking part in bigoted chants will be ordered to attend educational classes if they wish to return to the stadium in future. The rehabilitation scheme will also be offered to individuals making racist or homophobic remarks or chants.

“This campaign will send a clear message of zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination, on and off the pitch and we invite everyone  Everyone Anyone is an all-encompassing initiative designed to highlight the similarities between the broad spectrum of supporters worldwide regardless of age, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and health.”  Rangers Managing Director Stewart Robertson

Manager Steven Gerrard said: “This is such a massive club which has an important role to play in bringing people together.”

Rangers Charity Foundation Director Connal Cochrane commented: “Valuing diversity, inclusion and equality should be vital to the ethos of any organisation. The Foundation’s commitment in this area is firmly established and we look forward to contributing to both the Everyone Anyone campaign and to the delivery of the wider diversity and equality strategy.”

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