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What do the young people involved in this project think?

Declan: It has opened my eyes on how bad it (sectarianism) really is.

Tegan: It helped me realise how much more there was to sectarianism.

Cara: It has shown me different parts of how sectarianism can be displayed. I didn't know about sectarianism until I came to Parkhead Youth Project.

Caitlyn: It has shown me that sectarianism isn't just about football and religion.

Bethany: It has helped me learn more about sectarianism in a different way.

Other young people taking part in Nae Excuse said:

  • “Learned that sectarianism is more than football and religion.”
  • “I learned that sectarian is a problem in other countries. I would like to learn more about sectarianism in these countries.”
  • “The game show was good because it covered everything we had learned.”
  • I learned if you have a voice use it – it’s important that you get your point across.”
  • “I really enjoyed it because we were debating our different opinions but not falling out.”
  • “It’s shocking that domestic violence rises on old firm days.”
  • “The myths are silly that Catholics keep jam in a cupboard, they eat fish on a Friday and they wear a bun at the top of your head.”
  • “I’ve learned to be more tolerant of people from different cultures and backgrounds.”

More information about Parkhead Youth Project is available in the AoS Directory here

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