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What? - Sectarianism at football is when two rival sets of fans start fighting or arguing with each other about their clubs and the religion they are associated with.

Sectarianism ties in with football especially in Glasgow, for example Celtic and Ranger Football Clubs are the two biggest football rivals, with fans that either just go to the matches to watch and then the ones that only go to stir up trouble.

What PYP does? - One of the initiatives at Parkhead Youth Project is the 2become1 football project, where young people get to train with Celtic and Rangers Football coaches and learn about the different forms of sectarianism.

How does the football group help young people understand sectarianism?

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It helps young people understand sectarianism in depth, 10569144 10152158857970146 831754338 nrather than just on the surface by having discussions, visiting the clubs and learning about the history and make up of the clubs. 

"The Nae Excuse football project is a great opportunity for young people to learn about bigotry, discrimination and sectarianism in positive environment from professional football coaches who have a wealth of experience in this area." Diane McKendrick, Youth Development Worker.

A young person taking part in the football group said; "Through coming to PYP I now know I have choices"


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