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The young people of Parkhead Youth Project have worked together to create this page about the Nae Excuse for Sectarian Abuse Project.

At Parkhead Youth Project awareness of sectarianism in Parkhead is raised with the activities that take place in the Nae Excuse Project. The drama group, football group and peer education work tackles sectarianism head on. Read more about it on the following pages.

 Sectarianism in Parkhead:

  • flags 
  • colours
  • football violence
  • bars
  • football topsPYP CorrectedSpelling
  • marches

 To the young people at Parkhead Youth Project sectarianism is things like:

Discrimination - treating people differently because of their religion and beliefs.

Bigotry - one who is intolerant about races, religions and beliefs other than their own.

Prejudice - one judging another because of what they lok like, what they believe and more.  

The Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland came up with a definition which you can read here 

Here are some examples of the participants definitions:

  • “Sectarianism: intolerance of religion between Protestants, Catholics and football clubs. Due to upbringing, lack of education and knowledge”
  • “Sectarianism comes from things deeper than violence and religion. We think the basis of it is brought though generations of families.”
  • “Discrimination against a group of people for having different beliefs from yours. They believe they can’t be wrong.”
  • “Sectarianism is a variety of different things. It can be caused by football, religion and upbringing.”


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IMG 2162Drama Group

What- Drama group explores problems including Sectarianism. The Drama group has performed a show called "Carol and the skipping rope clubs." The show was a great success and we are going to perform another show soon called "The Gabriella Goth Show." I hope this show would be another success.

Where- The Drama group is at the Calton Parish Church in Glasgow.

When- The Drama group is on a Tuesday night from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

Who- The Drama group is for anyone who is interested in the Creative arts and Drama skills.IMG 2074

Why- The Drama group is important because it shows what Sectarianism can do to people in different ways.

How- The Drama group helps in Sectarianism because it teaches about consuquences and theories about Sectarianism.

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Football Group

What? - Sectarianism at football is when two rival sets of fans start fighting or arguing with each other about their clubs and the religion they are associated with.

Sectarianism ties in with football especially in Glasgow, for example Celtic and Ranger Football Clubs are the two biggest football rivals, with fans that either just go to the matches to watch and then the ones that only go to stir up trouble.

What PYP does? - One of the initiatives at Parkhead Youth Project is the 2become1 football project, where young people get to train with Celtic and Rangers Football coaches and learn about the different forms of sectarianism.

How does the football group help young people understand sectarianism?

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It helps young people understand sectarianism in depth, 10569144 10152158857970146 831754338 nrather than just on the surface by having discussions, visiting the clubs and learning about the history and make up of the clubs. 

"The Nae Excuse football project is a great opportunity for young people to learn about bigotry, discrimination and sectarianism in positive environment from professional football coaches who have a wealth of experience in this area." Diane McKendrick, Youth Development Worker.

A young person taking part in the football group said; "Through coming to PYP I now know I have choices"


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Peer Education

What are we going to do? - Young people from PYP are peer educating other young people about sectarianism and how sectarianism can affect different communities and how it can affect different people.

How do we peer educate? - We would do this by going to other organisations and youth groups and discussing with the other young people about sectarianism and anti-sectarianism.


What do you young people think of peer education? -

Peer Educators feel good to able to reach out to teach people their own age; they feel included and enjoy sharing information with each other; they fell its about learning about different issues; they feel they can help with people's self-esteem and confidence and they feel they are developing their own people skills.Background Layer

Non-peer educators saw the positives and negatives of peer education:

It is a good source to get good knowledge and information; a good opportunity to learn about different issues and feel that peer educators understand young peoples problems better than teachers. However, they also said that they might not listne to people their own age; they don't know all the answers and they don't always want to participate in activities, exercises etc.

In December 2015 Nae Excuse peer mentors from Parkhead Youth Project embarked on a joint project with FARE in Easterhouse. The purpose of the group was to explore the effects sectarianism on the lives of young people in the community. The first six weeks was a chance for 6 peer mentors from PYP to work with a group of 6 participants from FARE to share their knowledge and experience of sectarianism and gather research and ideas to create a selection of short animation about sectarianism from their own perspective.

Some comments from the participants during the project:  

“Sectarianism happens because people drink too much”

"I've said sectarian comments loads of times but I didn't realise it was that bad" 

“You don’t really see sectarianism as a problem because its normal”

“My family can be sectarian but I never realised it because that’s the way they brought me up”

“Sectarianism is a much bigger issues than I thought. I now know it can happen everywhere”

View their animations here:

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What do the young people involved in this project think?

Declan: It has opened my eyes on how bad it (sectarianism) really is.

Tegan: It helped me realise how much more there was to sectarianism.

Cara: It has shown me different parts of how sectarianism can be displayed. I didn't know about sectarianism until I came to Parkhead Youth Project.

Caitlyn: It has shown me that sectarianism isn't just about football and religion.

Bethany: It has helped me learn more about sectarianism in a different way.

Other young people taking part in Nae Excuse said:

  • “Learned that sectarianism is more than football and religion.”
  • “I learned that sectarian is a problem in other countries. I would like to learn more about sectarianism in these countries.”
  • “The game show was good because it covered everything we had learned.”
  • I learned if you have a voice use it – it’s important that you get your point across.”
  • “I really enjoyed it because we were debating our different opinions but not falling out.”
  • “It’s shocking that domestic violence rises on old firm days.”
  • “The myths are silly that Catholics keep jam in a cupboard, they eat fish on a Friday and they wear a bun at the top of your head.”
  • “I’ve learned to be more tolerant of people from different cultures and backgrounds.”

More information about Parkhead Youth Project is available in the AoS Directory here

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