1. The findings and recommendations contained in this report are the outcome of discussions that took place between Dr Michael Rosie and a range of interested parties, including march and parade organisers, those who have held static demonstrations, local authorities and Police Scotland. It reflects the views, opinions and experiences emerging from those discussions and from additional observation and research conducted by Dr Rosie.

2. The aims of this report, and the recommendations contained in it, are to add constructively to the discussions taking place on marches and parades, outline key areas where further work is needed and provide some direction as to where efforts would be best focused to ensure processes works effectively and fairly. 

3. While this report makes clear that the processes involved in the marches and parades system, by and large, work well the majority of the time, a number of recommendations are made, calling for: greater clarity on a number of key issues, dialogue to strengthen good relations, and better engagement to ensure that where problems do occur, these can be dealt with constructively and in an environment of good faith.

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