SOS and Curriculum for Excellence

Many secondary schools in Glasgow are delivering SOS projects within their curriculum and using the resources that have been developed to support the work including:

  • Scarfed for Life – Drama Study
  • Divided City – Secondary School Drama
  • Workshops delivered by SOS

These resources provide the opportunity for teachers to explore the issue of sectarianism in a safe and challenging environment and address 4 key questions:

  • What is sectarianism?
  • How does sectarianism manifest itself in our community?
  • How does sectarianism impact on individuals and society?
  • What actions can I take to deal with sectarianism?

While many schools shape up their own projects and may use different resources, exploring these key questions through the above resources gives the opportunity for teachers to deliver to the following experiences and outcomes at the 3rd & 4th Level within Curriculum for Excellence:

The Scarfed for Life Lesson Programme is designed to be delivered over 6 lessons. Ideally this would be 6 weekly lessons or 3 weekly double lessons to allow for reflection andresearch between each delivery.

However, as this is a relatively new programme, alternative timelines and methods should be tested as a means of testing effectiveness and impact of the content. For example, testing the impact of delivering the entire content over a single school day may be a worthwhile experience. The 6 lessons detailed in this programme are by no means the limit of the study of this play. They are designed to be a minimum requirement, and indeed a starting point, for the
development of additional activities and lessons which would complement both the programme and the subject in which the programme is being delivered in school. For example, if being delivered as part of the drama timetable, forum theatre lessons may be a useful and engaging format. The target stage groups for this programme are S2 and S3; however they are suitable for all secondary school stages.

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