The Beyond a Culture of Two Halves Resource has been updated by YouthLink Scotland as part of the Action on Sectarianism website where it is now available to download for free.

What is the purpose of the resource?

This resource is a bank of materials designed to help stimulate and enable those tackling sectarianism to develop a programme they can deliver in their communities. Whilst primarily designed for youth workers this resource can also be used by other CLD practitioners and others working in the community. It aims to raise awareness of sectarianism and the affects sectarian behaviour has on communities and individuals.

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This section will introduce the resource pack and provide an overview of what to expect throughout the pack, including how it connects to Curriculum for Excellence and the Youth Work Outcomes.

Section 1: Introductory Exercises

The first day of any programme is essential to the success of the course. It is important to start the programme on a positive note by making sure all the participants feel comfortable and get to know each other as soon as possible. 

Here are a number of ice-breakers or introductory exercises you can use at the beginning of your programme and/or before each session.

Section 2: What is Sectarianism?

This section holds a number of activities to explore what sectarianism is in he context of your group.

Section 3: History of Sectarianism

This section contains different activities looking into how sectarianism has developed including looking at the songs associated with it, a timeline and flags.

Section 4: Causes of Sectarianism

In this section activities looks  at what influences us as individuals, considering what is acceptable and unacceptable and explores how we stereotype.

Section 5: Consequences of Sectarianism

This section looks in more depth at what the law says about sectarianism, looking at relevant legislation, different experiences of sectarianism and what it looks like on social media.

Section 6: Young People's Rights

This section has a number of activities which look to identify the key principles of human rights, what rights children and young people have and encourages discussion around responsibility and making a charter for change.

Section 7: Evaluation

Beyond a Culture of Two Halves has been designed to be flexible. It can be applied in a range of contexts using a youth work approach, either as the skeleton framework for a specific awareness raising programme around anti-sectarianism, or more generally as a bank of resources to incorporate into existing programmes looking at citizenship, values and anti-discriminatory practice.

Whichever context and/or methodologies are chosen, it is expected that in using a youth work approach, educational practice and values will be to the fore. Thus it is important to evaluate the impact of the programme(s) with the young people involved as part of that process, enabling them to identify their own personal journey of learning. Additionally, the worker can use this information to inform their own practice and feed into other evaluation and quality assurance frameworks.

This section takes you through a National Overview for evaluation and applying evaluation processes to this resource pack, along with some helpful evaluation tools and methods.


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