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Young People

YouthLink Scotland is the national agency for youth work. It is a membership organisation and is in the unique position of representing the interests and aspirations of the whole of the sector both voluntary and statutory.

YouthLink Scotland champions the role and value of the youth work sector, challenging government at national and local levels to invest in the development of the sector. "So often we think of sectarianism in Scotland is a 'west coast' problem hidden under the banner of football or religion but sectarian behaviour can be present anywhere in the country.

This new portal is a great chance to share information about projects, events and resources that bring communities together. A Scotland free from sectarianism is the ultimate goal so I would urge all those working in this field, community activists, teachers and youth workers, to get involved." Jim Sweeney, Chief Executive, YouthLink Scotland




Action on Sectarianism

Looking Forward Not Back



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