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I SEE! Scotland was developed by the ICthinking® Research Team and is disseminated through the IC Thinking (Cambridge) Ltd social enterprise company.

The ICthinking® Research Team, based at the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, conducts empirical, applied research in the areas of inter-group conflict, social identity, embodied and social cognition, extremisms, affect control, and psycho-education, drawing on insights from neuroscience.

We have been funded by governments and research organisations from around the world, including the Scottish Government, EC, US Government departments, Home Office, Kenya and others.

We work collaboratively and welcome enquiries from other researchers.

IC Thinking (Cambridge) Ltd is a social enterprise company, formed with the encouragement of the University of Cambridge to disseminate the ICthinking® Team’s research, offering resources and interventions to communities and organisations (e.g., schools, prisons, third sector, professional networks) struggling with conflict

Or torn apart by oppositions arising from change and worldview clash. Our idea is a simple one that works. We provide empirically validated, research based courses that equip people of all ages to engage positively, creatively, and collaboratively with conflict. Through experiential group

Exercises that work with brain processes at a deep level, participants undergo robust, measurable and enduring shifts away from destructive - and even violent - reactions towards achieving solutions benefitting all parties and work for the wider social good.

Participants tell us the courses are fun (even though it is about conflict) and they work for children, young people, young adults, and on up in age. After going through a course, participants are eligible to apply to attend Facilitator Training so that the course becomes part of their skill-set and qualifications.

Formed in 2014, we have contracts with governments and organisations around the world, from Finland to Singapore, and enjoy working with diverse partners with shared values and aims.

I SEE! Scotland