This portal is for anyone aged 18 and over. We have a range of information and interactive materials including quizzes, radio programmes, videos and activities that we hope will increase your knowledge on sectarianism in Scotland.

Getting Better Together is a charity based in Shotts, North Lanarkshire. Our HQ is Shotts Healthy Living Centre.

We run many activities for both young and old, and facilitate activities for partners, including Citizens Advice, Routes to Work and Smoking Cessations. Most activities are free and we have a large variety so please have a look around the site, there is a good chance there is something of use to you!

We have a Café, a co-op shop, an IT suite (can be hired) and a hall (can also be hired), community transport (can also be booked and in some cases used for free). Definition of Sectarianism: We have come to recognise that sectarianism needs to be understood as a multi-faceted complex issue – it differs by community and geography, social class, gender, and changes through time.

Sectarian identities, ideas and behaviours reflect attitudes, beliefs and attachments which are heavily influenced by both place and wider social forces. But through dialogue, conversation, and active engagement with the community, conflicting groups can be encouraged to develop mutual understandings and respect.

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Watch our Talking Heads - a collection of video interviews real people, expressing their real views.