This portal is for anyone aged 18 and over. We have a range of information and interactive materials including quizzes, radio programmes, videos and activities that we hope will increase your knowledge on sectarianism in Scotland.

A cultural social enterprise with charitable status, Fablevision is a group of social enterprise companies whose members (individually and collectively) share values and working practices. Fablevision Studios is a social enterprise based in Glasgow and is a sister company to the Charity, Fablevision.

Our aim and mission is to deliver bespoke event management, filming and editing services to businesses in both the private and public sector across Scotland – but with a difference.

Statement: Fablevision and Fablevision Studios are often commissioned to undertake research projects on behalf of local authorities, community planning partnerships, third sector organisations and others. We carry out all of our research on an artist-led, action-research basis. This results in a creative presentation - such as a film, web design or radio recordings as well as more traditional documentation.

Definition of Sectarianism: Through our research we found that a lot of people we were working with weren't fully aware of what 'sectarianism' meant - many thought it was a term specific to the conflict between Rangers and Celtic fans. We defined the term throughout as ‘discrimination stemming from what are usually wrongly perceived notions of what divides groups of people’. These notions can be media, peer or religiously orientated but, more often than not, we found that they were passed from generation to generation.

Resources: Sectarianism in Scotland Prejudice Breeds Prejudice Anti Sectarianism Video

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