Engender works to make Scotland a fairer, safer place where women can flourish and contribute to both the social and market economies with dignity, freedom and justice.

To this end we seek to increase women’s power and influence; make visible the impact of sexism on women and on Scotland’s social, economic and political development; and support people, organisations and our government to make equality a reality.

Articulate This project aims to provide opportunities for women to share their experience and understanding of intra-Christian sectarianism in Scotland. Our purpose is to generate a gendered perspective on sectarianism and increase awareness amongst community groups, partners working on sectarianism and women’s sector organisations. There will be three main areas of activity:

Partnership working with other CSU funded organisations to develop an understanding of women’s experiences and understanding of sectarianism in their communities.

Facilitated group work with women using participatory research techniques to provide women with a safe space in which to reflect on their views and experiences.

Engender will also be working with Urbancroft to develop a film with young women in Glasgow. The film will then be taken around Scotland to form part of discussions on exploring gender and sectarianism.

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Website: www.engender.org.uk

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Are you doing work that tackles sectarianism?

The action you have taken could inform and enable others to do the same. We are reaching out across Scotland to find examples of projects, videos, music, session plans, cartoons, toolkits and any other resources that you think will help others to take action on sectarianism.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch at info@actiononsectarianism.info

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Get support for sectarianism

If you have experienced or witnessed any form of sectarianism you can get information on the support available in the guidance sections of the young people and adults pages. If you need to report a hate crime you can do so by contacting Police Scotland or through a Third Party Reporting Centre. More information on this is available in our Guidance pages.
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Do something in your community

If you want to take action and do something to tackle sectarianism in your community you can find out how others have been successful in our Directory and Library pages. There is lots of information there to use as inspiration.
If you are doing something, tell us about it and we will feature your good news and events on the website and through our social media channels. Also get in touch if you need support or guidance.
Tel 0131 313 2488 Email aos@youthlinkscotland.org

Have resources to upload?

Have you created an amazing resource that helps to tackle sectarianism in your community? Then why not share it with us and let others access it and learn from your good practice.To submit a resource, event or news article email or call us at the details below.
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