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Community Links (South Lanarkshire) was established in February 2002 as an independent community consultation and engagement organisation. Originally evolving from the Social Inclusion Partnership, Community Links is a company limited by guarantee with

Charitable status now working across all the communities in South Lanarkshire with a particular emphasis on areas which fall into the worst 15% for deprivation as identified by the Scottish Index Multiple Deprivation (SIMD).

We are one of the few dedicated third sector community engagement organisations in Scotland and have a strong focus on the asset based approach of working with communities.

Statement: Community Links carry out three interlinked projects. These are: Cross Community Action Research This project will consider how sectarianism has impacted upon nine diverse communities across central Scotland and looks to tell a largely untold story about how sectarianism has affected different communities– in both the past and present.

By highlighting community experiences and the unique histories of communities in Inverclyde, Ayrshire, Glasgow, North and South Lanarkshire, Stirlingshire and Edinburgh the project will explore how complex interactions of history, culture,

identity and place have shaped community level understandings, interpretations and attitudes towards sectarianism. It will also show how sectarianism has, and continues to change in light of wider social and cultural changes.

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Sectarianism and communities: Offline, online, past and present 2013 - 2015

Sectarianism and Communities: Offline, online, past and present 2015-2016

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