This portal is for anyone aged 18 and over. We have a range of information and interactive materials including quizzes, radio programmes, videos and activities that we hope will increase your knowledge on sectarianism in Scotland.

The Citizens Theatre is an iconic venue and theatre company based in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, Scotland.

Take a look around our virtual tours. Our building first opened as a theatre in 1878. The Citizens company was founded in 1943 by James Bridie, and the Citizens Theatre was permanently established in 1945. Since then it has been one of Scotland’s flagship producing theatres.

Statement: For over fifteen years the Citizens Theatre has been working with young people to explore Global Citizenship and acceptance and understanding of difference. As part of this work the theatre has been working in partnership with Sense over

Sectarianism for more than ten years. These partnership projects have been really diverse ranging from workshop programmes in primary schools, new writing with secondary school students, story telling and performance with nursery schools and full scale musical productions.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the production of the "Divided City" and the positive message it portrayed. It highlighted the importance of seeing the person and being tolerant and accepting of differences.

I am a Staff Nurse in a High Dependency Unit that has to deal, all too often, with the victims of racial and sectarian violence. I believe that lives will be saved by educating the young in this way.” Audience Member

Name: Citizens Learning

Address: Citizens Theatre, 119 Gorbals Street, Glasgow, G5 9DS


Telephone: 0141 429 5561

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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