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Young People

The Brora Community Learning Centre offers a unique opportunity to access all levels of learning in a friendly, relaxed and informal environment.

Facilities include 2 Training Rooms with PC's, a creative media hub for animation, film making and music recording as well as a smaller Study Room for one to one tuition and on line study.

We specialise in delivering learning packages with a creative approach including a small in house social enterprise project and various creative media projects as well as offering a programme of community learning classes over the year. We are keen to respond to the needs of the local Community and are happy to develop courses as needs are identified.

Statement: Although the Highlands is not an area with an immediate association with Sectarian behaviour, many young people leave the region to either work or attend college or university and therefore an awareness of the issues, causes, implications and possible detrimental effect on communities is important.

Definition of Sectarianism: A person is sectarian if he or she ‘adheres in a bigoted or narrow- minded fashion to a sect or body of persons who have agreed upon particular doctrines or practices.’ (Oxford English Dictionary) Young people’s views: ‘Lack of tolerance for other people’s beliefs.’ ‘Divisive behaviour based on religious division.’ ‘Discrimination against certain denominations, sects or other groups.’

Name: Brora Community Learning Centre

Address: Johnstone Place, Brora, KW9 6PF


Telephone: 01408 622707

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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