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Young People

Action for Children Scotland is a charity that supports and speaks out for the UK’s most vulnerable and neglected children and young people, for as long as it takes to transform their lives. We work directly with 5,000 children, young people, parents and carers in

Scotland each year and run 75 services across the country. Children are at the centre of everything Action for Children Scotland does. Statement Paul Carberry, Director of Service Development at Action for Children Scotland, said:

“At Action for Children Scotland we want to give the children and young people we support the opportunity to talk about their lives and the issues that affect them. We carried out this research in order to find out how sectarian views and behaviour affect children and young people growing up in Scotland.

The results were very interesting – 62% of the youngsters we spoke to said they were aware of sectarianism on a regular basis; and almost half believed that sectarian views had more to do with upbringing than religion.’

Following this survey, we introduced different programmes of work designed to teach teens about the effects of discrimination, including an educational trip to Auschwitz. We want to give children and young people information and experiences that help them to challenge views that may be prevalent in their local communities.

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