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The Conforti Institute is an initiative of the Xaverian Missionaries, an international missionary congregation working in over twenty countries across four continents.

Conforti is dedicated to promoting cooperation and reconciliation amongst all peoples, regardless of race, gender, culture or creed, particularly the poor, disadvantaged and powerless of the world. The Institute aims to equip young people and the wider community with the knowledge and skills needed to be active responsible citizens in today’s society .

The Institute responds to this need by promoting diversity as positive and good, by challenging prejudice, ignorance and intolerance at all levels and making connections across cultures and faiths with individuals, schools and communities. Conforti offers courses and training designed to generate appropriate solutions/responses to the challenges facing our society and the world today.

Programmes provided include areas such as celebrating diversity, challenging sectarianism, racism and social exclusion; conflict transformation and exploring creative alternatives to violence; leadership and management formation; faith and ministry formation programmes.

The Institute also offers an attractive, functional, purpose-built residential and conference facility for the use of school, community, church and commercial groups, many of whom choose to use the Institute for their own purposes.

"The Catholic community does not speak with one voice on sectarianism. Where people live, their age, gender, employment type, income level and class all influence people's experiences, and it is an issue that goes beyond the football terraces. Conforti believes that listening to people is the best way to develop locally appropriate solutions which will help communities to work with others to move beyond sectarianism." Tom Welsh, Director, Conforti Institute

Name: Conforti Institute

Address: Calder Avenue Coatbridge ML5 4JS


Telephone: 01236 607120/707900

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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