The AoS official logo is the organisations’ graphic signature with or without the “Information that inspires action” tagline.

 The official logo should be used on all AoS marketing communications, including the website, printed collateral, visual presentations, advertising and any other materials that represent the organisation with external audiences. It should appear on the front or back cover of all printed communications unless an exception has been granted by permission.

Download the Action on Sectarianism logo 

To maintain a high level of quality and consistency in a variety of applications, the following guidelines must be followed when applying the logo:


The logo should be reproduced from an original vector-based electronic file. To order, contact YouthLink Scotland on 01313132488 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


To maintain readability, the logo should not be reproduced any smaller than 60mm in width.


Printed applications should use the CMYK colour space version of the marks, while web or screen-based applications (video, presentations, mobile, etc.) should use the RGB colour space with hexadecimal values.


No version of the logo may be used to replace the words “Action on Sectarianism” or “AoS” in a sentence or headline. They may only be used as stand-alone design elements.

For specifications on the application of specific versions of a logo, please refer to any of the following pages for more details.

 For full Action on Sectarianism Brand Guidelines click here

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