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Action on Sectarianism will share the best resources, campaign and educational initiatives from across Scotland to effect a long term and lasting change in sectarian behaviour.

It will be the destination website for information and resources for tackling sectarianism in Scotland. By working with community groups, councils, organisations, schools, businesses, government agencies and academics, we have reached out to anyone interested in taking action to bring the best of their knowledge and expertise to Action on Sectarianism.

Action on Sectarianism will not tell you what to do, but it will share with you both tried and tested and innovative resources to build your knowledge and confidence to take action. For others, it will support what they are already doing. For the first time through the AoS Network there will be a place for those who are inspired to take action to connect, to virtually come together to share ideas, information and debate all things antisectarianism.


Scottish society is better informed about the causes of sectarianism, the advice and educational tools available and what they can do to affect change.

Children, young people and adults are better informed about the causes of sectarianism and preventative solutions.

Children, young people and adults are better informed about local educational provision, advice and guidance on sectarianism.

The website gives practitioners and activists the opportunity to share the best of resources and current practice through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), leading to improved practice interventions.

Practitioners and activists are better informed on the latest policy and practice developments relating to sectarianism, leading to more accurate information and advice for children, young people and adults.

To ensure sectarianism is not framed as a purely male, west coast or football related, providing a national platform and resource to help communities and practitioners address the issue locally.

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